It can be a mind wrecking time searching for what is your purpose in life…

For some yes… and for some no… But today… I would prefer to talk about why I decided to create “Simply, Inspire . Space”. Looking beyond what it means to just blog and beyond blogging for the sake of blogging.

Recalling the early days when I was using Blogger and Livejournal back 10 over years ago. Comparing how much time has lapsed since my first venture into blogging in the late 90s and on to the millennium and now 2016…. So much of time has passed by and so much has evolved. Just like my first encounter with WordPress not too many years ago. It was for a school project, I was doing some research when I first chance upon this platform.

It changed the way I look at blog as just dummy designs, dummy layouts. It opened up a whole new way of exploring how one could design blog, create content, use hash tags and much more with the tools provided. And it was also on its own a open source – where you decide how you want to customise your blog unlike the previous two blogging platforms I have used.

Fast forward to 2016… The why of blogging again. It came as an inspiration back in 2014, but it took nearly 2 years for me to conceive the idea of what I wish to blog about and what I would like to value add. I do not wish to create just another blog – it just adds data to the cloud with no value. Instead, it will have been more ideal creating content that could perhaps bring about more interests to appreciating food, culture, love, compassion and life simple pleasures. Somedays, we don’t need fanciful things to spur us on. But instead we go for simple things in life – even a simple greeting can sometimes make our day a better more liveable one too. All it takes is a simple thought or inspiration and a medium or space for the positive action or positive thought to take root.

Initially I thought that the name Simply Love Joy Peace sounds like a good name. But after trying out for a few weeks, I came to realise it’s very rigid and does not allow for a lot of creative ideas to flow – thus a name change to Simply Inspire Space. Which actually is what it means now – a simple space on the internet what grows inspirations.

*Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Prompt : Purpose

What was your purpose in life or blogging? Share in the comments your blog link a reason what spur you with the purpose :).


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