Hoshino Coffee - Capitol Piazza

Review : Hoshino Coffee – Capitol Piazza, SG

Located in a newly refurbished and redeveloped Capitol Building – now the Capitol Piazza. This cafe is tucked in the quiet basement of the mall.

There isn’t much crowd for weekday and weeknds. A perfect place to go if you wish to avoid crowds and somewhere to sit, have a quiet decent meal or even a catch up with friends.

Did a birthday dinner at Hoshino Coffee some week ago. Ordered some main and dessert to share with some friends.

Carbonara with Yolk and Bacon


Cooked just right for my palate. It has been a while since I had any Carbonara, this was pretty nice and tasted just right too. And iI had it paired with the Royal Milk Tea (without sugar).

‘Fuwa-Fuwa’ Hoshino Souffle


My friend ordered a‘Fuwa-Fuwa’ Hoshino Souffle which look interesting on the menu. Upon cutting open the Souffle top layer. What lies beneath is a layer of creamy filling before the tomato Rissoto shows itself up at the mid point of the bowl. The dish being served with a Souffle style cover reminds me of the bread pot soups. It taste a bit salty but still palatable. Of course, on the side note taste is a very personal thing.

Mille-feuille style with Strawberry (Exclusive at Capitol Piazza)


This dessert is a exclusive on the menu for this branch. On the menu picture it looked very interesting. Partly for the Choux pastry or pâte à choux like top and base cover. Tasted not too bad, remind me of croissants. The midsection of the pastry is filled with lots of fresh cream and a scoop of strawberry ice cream in the middle. At the sides are half cut strawberries – 3 pieces of them with icing sugar laced on half of it like a triangle.

Overall the ambience is good, it was not crowded on a mid week evening. Service was excellent too. Worth a visit, and considering it is my 3rd visit to Hoshino Coffee, and the 1st time to this branch.

Website | Location: Hoshino Coffee – 13 Stamford Road, #B2-55, Capitol Piazza, (S) 178905 Tel: (65) 6384 5131


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