Weekly Round Up [ Numbers ]

It has been a very busy week for me in my day job. While on the weekend I visited couple of places, as well as attended the PinkDot.SG event on Saturday afternoon at Hong Lim Park. It is a yearly event held around June to promote the “Freedom to Love” initiative among the community.

The turn out for each year has been growing in numbers and it is no longer a matter of how many people are there at the park to raise awareness about the Freedom to Love or LGBT issues. It is about being together for a common cause. I was there briefly before steeping out to the hotel facing the park.

I was happy to be there but to view the formation of the dot from a higher perspective. It is is no doubt an annual event, but sometimes, being in the crowd – we get too muddle headed about what is going on. However, when we step away for a brief moment, we may see things clearer or front a different perspective. It is good to promote freedom to love freely, but at the same time to love correctly. Sometimes, we just get suck deep into the love hole, without knowing what we are doing – no doubt love is blind. But when we unblind ourselves, and look deeper, we may realise that it is better take a step or two back wards, understand ourselves and we might just realise it is a correct move to step away and walk forward.

Another place that I visited is the Lilytopia! (cover photo)- part of the Garden Trail event at Gardens by the Bay. More of that in the next post. It is a first retro theme floral showcase at the flower dome. And an eye opener for me to the world of lily flowers too.

On Sunday, which is today, visited the Reframing Modernism gallery again for the 3rd time. Sometimes certain exhibits are worth repeated visits where you see more insight while visited the roof top too to look at the new roof top installation titled TOTEM.

TOTEM – Chun Kai Feng, Singapore

After the National Gallery, went over to the Singapore Art Museum to soak in the Odyssey  exhibition. Will be sharing more about some snippets of the Odyssey exhibition in the coming post this June.

Odyssey : Navigating Nameless Sea -SAM, SG

So in total this weekend, I visited 1 event, 3 exhibits, in 2 days at 4 places.

*This post is inspired by The Daily Post – Photo Challenge : Numbers

How did you spend your weekend? Share with us in the comments :).


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