Lilytopia, GBTB, SG

Lilytopia! – GBTB, SG

With the end of the Tulipmania – Rediscovered! in May, the next floral display under the Garden Trail series is the “Lilytopia!” at the Flower Dome – Gardens by the Bay. As the tells us, this theme surrounds the Lily flowers with a retro feel to it.

Its pretty amazing how the Gardens by the Bay has evolved over the years with signature events year after year of various themes. It makes it a special place that one would return many times over to experience different range of botanicals or revisit certain themes as they rotate through out the year.

Here is some photos taken for the first ever retro floral display with various interesting names and small facts surrounding the lily flowers.

Apart from the above pictures of music decoration there are also some floral representations of the mini cooper and the Volkswagen in foliage style floral decorations representing the 50s -“retro art”; a genre of pop art which was developed in the 1940s and 1950s, in response to a need for bold, eye-catching graphics that were easy to reproduce on simple presses available at that time.


The are many lilies on display inside the flower dome, many of which are blooming while some are in the process of blooming. The music that accompanies the floral display are those of the 50s era.

Some fun facts about the floral origins, history and uses are also littered along the trail like previous displays for visitors to read and understand more about the flowers.


The main centrepiece of the flower trail showcase is the guitar – made up of the flowers surrounded by lily flowers around it.


Boots like the one above were also on display in a floral infused art installation where boots with floral prints are littered along the grounds next to fields of lilies.

As this is also the school holiday season, families with children visiting the flower dome can also pick up this piece of treasure map at the entrance to do some treasure hunt activity inside the flower dome.

And last but not least, while enjoying the flower trail, please be mindful to refrain from touching the floral displays so that others can appreciate the beauty of them too.

Lilytopia, SG
A gentle reminder to all to refrain from touching the flowers.

Event: Lilytopia!

Event period: 3 June to 10 July 2016

Website | Location: Flower Dome – Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

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