Review : Sanpoutei Ramen – Shaw House, SG

Established in Singapore back in 2014. Sanpoutei now has two restaurants in Singapore.

This chain is well know for its SHOYU soup made with 6 hours stewed clear soup stock which in mixture of vegetables, whole chicken, tonkotsu and some other ingredients and 2 different kinds of dried sardine imported from Japan.Enjoy the ultimate SHOYU Ramen with Niigata’s original flavourful fish stock. (Extract from Sanpoutei website).

The first time I visited the Shaw outlet last year, I fell in love with the ramen offering there. Every visit to Sanpoutei, I will always finish the ramen and the soup base. Something which I cannot help but savour it.

Sanpoutei Ramen - Shaw House
Rich Tori X Miso Ramen with Special Topping

There are various variety of Ramen’s served ranging from the dried one to spicy and their signature Shoyu Ramen. And each being unique in the soup stock that is used and the noodles are homemade fresh produced in the shop by their noodle making machine. Which keeps the consistency and freshness.

In my most recent visits – I tried the Oden which is served in a bowl like the one pictured below along with karashi (からし, Japanese Hot mustard) at the side.

It usually consists of Tube-shaped fish paste, daikon radish, konnyaku, and other ingredients are stewed in soup stock (seen in the picture below). It is a popular family dish enjoyed in winter. Though, there is no winter in Singapore, but it is a nice dish to savour when visiting Sanpoutei.

Sanpoutei Ramen, Shaw House

The outlet is generally crowded on weekends and week nights during lunch and dinner hours. To avoid waiting too long, maybe good to be there early or slightly later than the usual meal times for lesser waiting time to be seated. The ramen’s are cooked and readily served with usually minimal waiting time.

Website | Location: Sanpoutei Ramen – 350 Orchard Rd, #B1-04/05, Singapore 238868


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