Weekly Round Up [Pure]

Each Sunday, I will pick up a prompt from either the week’s Discover Challenge or Photo Challenge from The Daily Post to summarise the week.

To sum up the week – Pure Bliss. Other than a recently discovered bout of allergic reaction from Argan Oil – a bit rare that it occur. This week has been one of a grill + seafood tasting week.

It begun with a visit to Fish&CO at The Glass House – They shud be closing down by mid of end of June 2016. A place that myself and a group of friends had celebrations couple of times the past few years. The purpose of going there was to mark the 30th birthday and a revisit of what we did at age 22. It somehow has that nostalgia feel to it – revisiting what was then pure adulthood doings.

While towards the weekend was one filled with unwinding over dinner buffet near town – more in the next palate review article coming up next week. A nice buffet spread at One Farrer Hotel and Spa on a Friday evening – delicious sashimi, local delights and abundance of cheese selection.

Open Concept kitchen, Escape Restaurant and Lounge
Escape Restaurant and Lounge, One Farrer Hotel

Saturday evening was spent having a BBQ session at a friend’s new house warming.


It was a fun cooking, eating and resting weekend.

*Inspired by The Daily Post – Photo Challenge : Pure



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