ArtScience Museum, MBS, SG

Big Bang Data – ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Initial thought when I across this exhibition title, the parallel thought that came to my mind was the US television series Big Bang Theory. Though this exhibition is about the evolution of data for the past century and moving forward how it impacts our lives. There is more that meets the eye than what we see today.

The exhibition is divided into 9 segments and labelled like a book with Introduction and Conclusion with the in-between known as chapters. Here are some highlights of what you get to experience in the exhibition.

ArtScience Museum, MBS, SG

Took along the activity book with me (though it is meant for kids) and the exhibition guide which was given me me as I step into the first section of the exhibition hall.


  • Introduction


I am greeted by what you see above. A screen where there is tons of numbers that display on the gigantic screen. It shows us how much of data is being transmitted every split second as I am typing on my macbook.

  • Chapter 1 – Understanding the Cloud.
Singapore’s Data Centres

There are many Data centres across the globe. The purpose of the data centre is more than just data repositories. This zone explore the various Data centres across the globe, just that I happen to zoom in on the data centres in Singapore – since it is where the exhibition is currently staged in.

  • Chapter 2 – The Data Explosion over the years.

Over the years, we have seen for ourselves how technology has evolved and change the way we live our lives. The works included in this chapter explores the science and history of the data explosion to consider the future of our digital age.

  • Chapter 3 – A New Era of Knowledge
World Processor – Ingo Gunther

The artworks on display vary from the earliest examples of data visualisation in the form of historical maps to contemporary art installation in real-time data. They showcase the depth and variety of data visualisation and how it is transforming the way we interact with and understand our world.

  • Chapter 4 – I Am Data
Various uses of Data as showcased
Hello World! – Christopher Baker
24 Hours in Photos – Erik KEssels

The series of art installations in this chapter explores the data explosion that occurs in the past decade. The artworks on display like the ones above showcase the ways in which artists have actively taken control of their data as an act of self-empowerment and to raise awareness of the way our data is used.

  • Conclusion – What Data Means to Us

Towards the end of the showcase, is the activity zone where we could pen down what Data means to us by picking up a piece of coloured paper with the corresponding age group indicated. Use the market pens provided to simply write, draw or express anything that symbolises what data means to us.

Then hook it up the lines on display. It forms a piece of evolving art on its own. Just like how data stacks up over time.

This conclusion chapter of the exhibition looks to Singapore and its population to consider what data means to us as a nation moving towards the vision of becoming the World’s first Smart Nation.

I enjoyed the tour of the entire exhibition, it gives me insight into how huge data can be and how it has and is going to continue to impact us in our everyday living within the community and beyond in the years to come.

Exhibit Title: Big Bang Data

Exhibit Period: 21 May to 16 October 2016

Ticketing Information: Refer to website link below.

Exhibitor Website  | Location: ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956


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