Future World (2016) @ ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

ArtScience Museum, MBS, SG

A Collaboration between ArtScience Museum and Team Lab – Future World exhibition at the museum is a must see. Though is the first permanent exhibition to be hosted in the ArtScience Museum with a run of minimum 3 years from April 2016. I have to say it is very impressive showcase and pleasing to the eyes and mind for both children and adults.

Here is a brief of what to expect in the showcase. (Note: some spoilers ahead.)

The showcase is divided into four themes – Nature, Town, Park & Space; and 15 different installations. Each zone provides a unique experience on its own.


Future World, ArtScience Museum
100 Years Sea Animation Diorama, teamLab

This is one of the 4 areas in the Nature theme sector. In this area, you can lie down bean bag couch provided and look upon the projection on screen like the one above and observe the moments and what it brings as the visual stimulates a 100years of movements on earth – with regards to climate changes.


Future World, ArtScience Museum
Sketch Town, teamLab

Stepping into the next zone from Nature, I enter the Town sector of the exhibition hall. Here you get to experience what it is like to live in a Sketch Town. You could get the available work sheets like the one below and sit by the activity area to colour the available worksheets put into the scanner and it appears shortly after on the digital screen. I chosen to colour the artwork below for Graffiti Nature – a sea turtle for the new installation.

Future World, ArtScience Museum
Something under the sea…

The end product of the my colouring as below after putting it through the scanner. The turtle swims around in the projection area digitally alive.

ArtScience Museum, MBS, SG
Graffiti Nature, teamLab


Next to the Graffiti Nature is the next zone which is the PARK zone. Here you get to experience various different activities. A good place to be if you have young children – there are many activities here for them to engage in other than colouring; like the Light Ball Orchestra seen below.

Light Ball Orchestra (left) & Sketch Aquarium (right), teamLab

Being fascinated by the first piece of colouring from Graffiti Nature above, decided to pick up another piece in the Sketch Aquarium installation to colour too. So I took inspiration from the swordfish worksheet – colour it in stripes (see below).

FutureWorld, ArtScience Museum
Sketch Aquarium : Swordfish

As pictured here, the end result is a striped swordfish swimming in the Sketch Aquarium.

Sketch Aquarium, teamLab


Future World, ArtScience Museum
Crystal Universe, teamLab

The highlight of this zone is none other than this light display installation. Where you walk through space and experience what it is like from the light side to darkness or imagine as if you are looking under the stars. Imagine it however you like it.

Exhibit Title: Future World : Where Art Meets Science
Exhibit Period: Permanent Exhibition, with periodic renewal of displays.
(minimum of 3 years from March 12, 2016)

Ticketing Information: Refer to website link below. They also have season pass – for Individual and Family; valid for 365 days of unlimited visits, available from SGD $90 onwards. Do refer to the website for more information.

Website | Location: Marina Bay Sands


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