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Weekly Round Up – [Partners]

Spend the week away on assignment. And back to the blogging sphere for the weekend. It was a week well spent, meeting up with many friends and spending time reflecting away. While being a semi busy week, I found the inspiration to sum the week up with the word – Partners.

Other than the BREXIT news on Friday which shaken the global finance houses for a brief moment this week. We see the importance of having partners – but more important is the objective behind having partners too. We don’t want everything to be overly controlled or whatever we may interpret it as. Somewhere, somehow, somewhat everyone can benefit from.

Looking at it from another perspective will be when I was watching Independence Day on Saturday night with my close buddy and another friend. It brings me to a story about two characters in the movie – think one is a scientist or physicist while the other could be his lover or care taker. While this scientist was in a coma state for a long time – 20 years, the care taker took care for him everyday and brought different flowers on a daily basis. So we see the entire room filled with flowers. It sort of leaves me to think, what kind of partners do we want in our life or even my own life?

We don’t need a lot of friends that are close to us, but we do need friends and partners that can weather us through the thunderstorms for sure.

Another move worth mentioning which revolves the theme of partners is Finding Dory. If you have not catch it in the theatres, you should. While this movie is about Dory and her missing parents, it brings a deeper sense of self worth and understanding ourselves and how we tend to sabotage our limiting abilities – as we observe from the Beluga and the Octopus. While teamwork plays a part in saving the entire group of friends, it is important for the bonding to enable teamwork to work.

If my memory does not fail me, ‘Finding Nemo‘ came out in 2003. While ‘Finding Dory‘ came about well 13 years later. While Independence Day came out back in 1996… the follow up movie – Independence Day : Resurgence was 20 years later. What it is for sure to show us from this movie is that, when good quality ideas come out… They bring us to light more enriched experience. Same goes for our lives. What I wish to drive at for the weekend is about having life long partnerships with friends who can weather us through the thick and thin. Not when shit happens they leave us behind.

*The weekly round up is inspired by the daily post – Photo Challenge : Partners



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