Weekly Round Up [Opposites Opening Line]

This has been a very reflective week to begin with. It seems like just another week for me. But looking deeper, the week opened with interesting events and encounters – Just like the opening line (Perspective of a opening sentence structure).

While things and events can move in opposite directions – some days good while some days not as smooth. It is still an eventful and interesting week. This also marks the 60th entry for the blog.

While it only took a spark of inspiration to begin blogging, it does goes a long way. Nothing has been as fun as visiting places, learning about them, take photos are share them here. This is a simply inspired space. A space of expression. Where we see things from maybe opposite angles from each other and where opening lines vary from time to time. Each day a different opening line to topics or weekly round up.

Has been busy reading up during my free time hoping to gain more insight into the finance markets. While doing so, less time was devoted to blogging.

While being busy, this weekend managed to run my errands. And hitting the gym despite being under the weather for quite a few days. Managed to get the much needed rest, work through some housekeeping at home and getting ready for the next quarter – Q3.

To sum up the week… It is one with different opening lines that swing opposites directions.

* This article is a combo-inspiration from The Daily Post РPhoto Challenge [Opposites]& Discover Challenge [Opening Line]

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