Weekly Round Up [A Piece of Advice]

“We can go back in time to learn from history, but there is nothing we can do to change it…” If my memory does not fails me. This is what I learn from the movie “Alice through the looking glass” a movie spin off from Alice in Wonderland by Disney Pictures.

This forms A piece of advice for me this week. Drawing the inspiration form the short 2 hour long movie in the theatre just over the weekend. I shall not go into details about what happen in the movie. But it is one of the rare few movies i would catch – not a big fan of theatres these days. But I still go for movies once in a while, and with my recent purchase of the HSBC Movie Card, I have made myself a seasonal movie goer. Just the past 4 weeks i have caught 3 movies – Finding Dory, Independence Day : Resurgence & Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Somehow, through the week itself, I also saw some similarities in this theme in my personal life.

Sometimes when we look back in the past experiences, there might be missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which we might have missed out. Then when we journey back in time we just realise and pick it up again. That is how life manifests itself. Past lessons get reviewed and become better as we move ahead.

A pleasant weekend, despite the rattle in the markets – everything looks well on the surface. Just like earlier in this week I sense the calmness before the storm – before the thunderstorms came sweeping across from Thursday through Sunday where the rain just keeps coming in waves. Just like in life, where we get waves after waves of different magnitude of challenges.

*This post has been inspired by The Daily Post – Discover Challenge : A Piece of Advice



  1. This is such an interesting concept – the abstract of the intentional. By this I mean that when we are in a particular place or space we seek, perhaps things that will fill in those spaces and give us more sense. I loved this piece and I must thank you for flattering me by following my own blog. I hope not to disappoint but want you to know that I will take some time reading more of your good stuff and that I have followed you back not out of habit but because I believe I will really enjoy and benefit and learn from your work.

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