In A Cup : Summer Flavoured Drinks

Just last week, Starbucks Singapore launched a new summer range of Fizzio™ Sparkling Beverage Drinks.

So as I happen to crave for the Fizzio beverages that weekend, I simply decided to go on a Starbucks drinking spree. So here comes some personal take on the 3 drinks.

Red Cranberry with Grapefruit Foam  (Pictured above)

This was the first of the three sparkling beverages which I had tried. The cranberry bits were pretty distinct in the drink along with the grapefruit Foam. While the orange juice which was used as the base of this drink did not really stand out pretty much.


On Saturday evening I had another round of the Fizzio drinks, this time around it was time to try out both the Coconut Water with Watermelon Granita (Left) & Blossoming Hibiscus with Lemon (Right).

I ordered the Blossoming Hibiscus with Lemon; while my friend had the Coconut Water with Watermelon Granita. 

My favourite among the three Fizzio drinks is the Blooming Hibiscus with Lemon. Reason being the Hibiscus flowing sitting inside the drink gives it an overall very soothing and calming feel as it reining in the summer bliss. While sipping away the lemon base of the beverage brings out the lemonade feel – though the drink is not so lemonade.

Though I took a sip of the Coconut Water with Watermelon Granita, the idea of combining coconut water with watermelon was a bit off tangent I felt. Though it is a novel infusion of coconut with watermelon – both fruits are well known for thirst quenching properties. I felt it was abit too over done for the drink combination. It tasted like cough mixture to a lesser degree. But have to say the colour presentation of the beverage was pretty cool.

While sipping the drinks, I did a pair up of the Fizzio drink with a Creamy Chicken fold over. Generally pastries served at Starbucks are not too bad for coffee breaks – thought that was post dinner; for a in-between snack.

Savour the drinks while they are available in the Starbucks coffee place for the summer season.

*Fizzio™ is a trade mark of Starbucks Corporation. Views expressed here are just personal point of view of some food and drinks which I enjoy.


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