my wheelchair project back in 2008

Weekly Round Up [Admire]

In about less than 10 days time it will be Singapore’s 51st year of Independence.

To round up the week, I thought of sharing something that I felt more meaning towards than my usually weekly round up.

Its the word – Admire. There is 2 incidences that caught my attention for the use of the word admire.

Firstly on August 1 will be Nurses Day in Singapore, while the International Nurses Day falls on May 12 every year, in Singapore it is celebrated on August 1. So to all Nurses in Singapore, and my fellow visitors who are also Nurses – A Happy Nurses Day too!

For one I admire Nurses for the role they play to care for the sick and ill, as well as the injured. That too spur the inner desire inside me to become a Nurse when I was 15 years old while still being a student attending High School.

So eventually, I did Nursing in the polytechnic after I completed my GCE ‘O’ levels, but not  without some detours into other Diploma courses. Before taking up Nursing, as I was not ready to be a Nurse when I was at the age of 18. It was until, I realise where my true interest was that I decided it is time to get things in order for myself.

So now to the 2nd thing I felt great admiration for – persons with disability. I recall the 8th ASEAN Para Games organised in Singapore back in late 2015. It was the eve of the games and I happen to be at the Gardens by the Bay. So while I was walking back via the link bridge towards Marina Bay Sands, I saw a group of people on wheelchairs. So being the usual me, i walk beside them and started a small talk with them and assisting them to the lift. It was that moment I realise how fortunate I was to be able to move around without much difficulty.

But that was not the impactful moment till Saturday evening when I was talking the train home. Now what happen was I happen to take the train with a gentle on wheelchair. It was a pretty strange experience. I was approached by him to push him on the wheelchair from the Downtown Line to the East West Line at Bugis Station.

While I was assisting him with the transfer, many thoughts came into my mind. First it was the admiration from him. Traveling alone, and from the looks on his eyes, I could tell he was very tired. And while pushing him on the long linkway from one station to another, I observed many passerby looking at us – the look seems a bit of an unusual. While that was not a big deal to me. All I felt was that I was just helping a fellow human being that needed help. And there was a flash back to my Nursing Student days where we did an experiment traveling on the wheelchair – back then in 2008 (picture above); the train stations were still in progress of installing wheelchair accessible facilities and the passenger lifts were not entirely available like what we have now. It did bring back memories – flashbacks and the same kind of feeling where others would look at you in a different manner. Even though the intensity of looking was not as much as 8 years ago.

When we finally reach the East West Line platform, he mentioned to me that he was tired from the National Day Parade show, as he was volunteering in the show. Which to me, I felt happy yet at the same time I could feel for him that he need a good rest and how lacking our transport system seems for the disabled persons to travel. In contrast, I had also done my part in the SG50 parade, which was a great experience and yes a tiring one too though it was at a different magnitude.

But at the end of the day, the message I wanted to drive at is that admiration can come in many forms. While we admire people for what they do, sometimes we only see one side of the angle of things while we might not know how much work has gone on behind the scenes.

I shall share more about admiration for Nurses in one of my next entry during first week of August.

*The weekly round up is inspired by the daily post – Daily Prompt : Admire

edit: The next entry has been published here.


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