Inspire [Care To Go Beyond]

Its Nurses day today! As promised, I shall share more about my personal reflections of being a Nurse.

The journey to wanting to become a Nurse was one that took me quite sometime to establish. It begun at the age of 15 during one lesson in school. When we were all asked what we would like to become when we grow up. I’m sure that for most of us, it sounds so familiar. So at the age of 15 I decided that I would like to become a Nurse when I grow up.

The partial influence behind that was due to I had some background experience with Home Nursing with the St John Ambulance Brigade back in my school as well. There was a organised 1 week attachment to the local hospital for us to learn more about nursing. That gave me the little exposure, so with little bits of experience here and there. It cemented this aspiration. But determination was another factor which at the age of 15, was non existant.

Also, another factor that inspired me was my cousin who was also a Nurse and how my late god mother who passed away when I was at the age of 15 had been well taken care of by the nurses.

So after my GCE ‘O’ levels, I went into Polytechnic and I studied Information Technology – which I thought was my core interest. As it turns out, it was not the case, I could not keep up with the school work and dropped out. That was when it drawn on me that, if I really wanted something badly I should work hard for it.

And that begun the 3 years Nursing training before I became a full fledge Nurse. While training was never easy, but it was a enjoyable journey which I was glad to embarked on. It allowed me to see many aspects of lives, from the young to the old. It is a job not for the faint hearted, yet at the same time a self rewarding job if you see the patients under your care recover. Or better yet, how the families appreciate what you do for their love ones.

It is as most regard a noble job, but there are also the challenges and ugly sides of things which people around us do not realise that nurses go through. Just like the saying on stage is the glamour, but behind the scenes no one knows what happens. It is true too in Nursing. As the landscape is every changing, from one shift to the other a person can turn from well to unwell. Nothing is fix permanent, everything around us is moving very rapidly. Thus I would say, to all the fellow colleagues – thank you and great job!

So if you know of any Nurse friends, do wish them on the Nurses Day and better yet, say a Big Thank You to them for what they have done for you!

*This article is inspired by the daily post : Daily Prompt – Admire



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