In A Cup [纯粹喝 Just Drink – Taiwan Latte & Milk Tea]

As you can see this is the current craze other than Pokemon GO! that just hit the shores of Singapore. The past few weeks saw this brand of milk tea and latte sweeping off the shelves of selected 7 Eleven stores island wide in the latest Taiwanese milk tea craze.

At the cost of S$2.80 for 275ml, it is definitely more pricier than the Mai Shine tea from UniPresident – another milk tea brand from Taiwan; (retailing about SS$2.30 to S$2.80 for 330ml) which is easily available from supermarket stores which does not require to be stored in refrigerator and of course has a longer shelf life.

However, I’m not comparing them for one reason being the storage of this milk tea and latte has to be in the fridge. And part of the cost of transportation goes into the refrigerant fee. As from what I was told by the staff of various 7 eleven stores I visited while on the milk tea hunt the past two weeks. They told me it comes with “refrigerator” to transport the milk tea. Which could explain the shortage when everyone that I know is going bananas over this milk tea and latte. On the label it also states to be kept refrigerated.

While I have tried both as at the time of writing this post. Here is my personal two cents on the bottled drinks. Typically the stock comes only in limited quantities, maybe 3-4 cartons at most per 7 eleven stores.

纯粹喝 Just Drink
纯粹喝 – Just Drink (Milk Tea & Latte)

Milk Tea (Beige colour bottle above)

First taste of the Milk Tea tasted similar to the Mine Shine Milk Tea, except that it has a stronger milk taste to it. Initially, when it tried it it just felt normal, but taking few more sips of the milk tea, the taste of the tea aroma lingers in the throat as a after taste. For the price of the higher end milk tea packing, it is not a must to have – but worth a one time try.

Latte (White colour bottle above)

I like this Latte for its unique taste profile. When i first drank it I could taste the buttery coffee taste profile – which has that local flavour blend with the very fragrant coffee taste. It brings out a unique flavour not found in local coffee.

While it is not always that easy to catch the milk tea, but one thing for sure Raffles place has got many 7 eleven stores and it will not be difficult to spot them on weekends. For weekdays they are restocked on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not that is not confirmed, but so far it has been quite accurate.for weekends, the milk tea and latte is stocked on Saturday.

Go give it a try if you have a curiosity or a craving for taiwanese tea and coffee, though more flavours are already available in Taiwan (where it is from) and also in Hong Kong at 7 Eleven stores.

*This post coincides with The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Craving

Update on Aug 23, 2016: The Milk Tea variant of the product has been recall, as the product contains the ingredient L-theanine*. L-theanine is currently not on the list of permitted food additive under the Food Regulations of Singapore. More info… 

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