Weekly Round Up [Witness]

It has been a very eventful week and a thoughtful one as well. Decided to summarise the week with the word -> Witness.

A visit on Thursday to the Parliament House to pay respect to one of our former President of Singapore – Mr SR Nathan; who had passed away on Monday – August 22, 2016. It was also one and only time I get to see him in person. Even though, it that is so, I always remember him for the charity initiative he begun – the President Challenge which begun in year 2000. I remember the first time I participated in one of the activities was in 2001 when they had the train tunnel walk – a 6km walk from the Expo station to the Changi Airport station; back then it was still work in progress for the station interior and cable works was near completion. It was a good one and only experience I had, but something that had a lasting impression in me.

He is to me, a men who had a heart for doing charity work and one of the few people’s president we had in Singapore history. Back in 2015 Singapore saw the passing of the founding father of Modern Singapore – the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. While in 2016, the late Mr SR Nathan. Both men had done a lot and sacrificed a lot for the small country which we sit on. For that, I salute them both. As like the photo I took, It shows shades of red and white – there was no camera trick; it just happened that way. While the lamp shines brightly, symbols the everlasting legacy and the significance of remembering our forefathers for the many hard work and dedication they had put to advance us to where we are today.

Lamp at outdoor of Parliament House, Singapore

Meanwhile, I had my week of sending out emails to various corporate organisations giving them service related feedback from my personal experiences during the past one month. Coincidentally, I had a few feedback forms and surveys landing in my email and letterbox to fill up also. It become more of a service feedback week – which was also a time for me to reflect on what I could do to help advance us forward to a more gracious and more happy environment than what we are now. It is definitely tricky and something to think deeper about. Sometimes, when sending feedback to organisations – I feel, I am not doing it for the sake of getting any form of rewards or token. As it seems, they may at times give out something as a small token or service recovery of some sort. But deeper in, it is about business longevity and the ability to continue to deliver or improve on the service rendered – which makes it all the more challenging. Just like the saying, when you make customer happy, it multiplies 10x. But when you make an angry customer, the down side is it magnifies 100x. Of course, we would prefer it it is magnified 10x of the positive than a 100x negative.

Towards Friday, I also witness the blooming of the Orchid which I had in my office desk for about a week odd now. It has got about 5 bulbs of to be bloom flowers; of which 1 had just bloom today. Had some discussion with friends who has some green thumbs on how to manage Orchid Flowers too. As it is my first time growing it, the last time I had partial trial with growing Orchid plant was many years ago at a friend’s place.


While on Saturday, I was out for the entire day. Attended a market update seminar followed by the 9th edition of the Singapore Night Festival. More on the night festival in another post coming up next week. While I spend time going to the gym and resting on Sunday. It was a very packed weekend.

*This article has been inspired by The Daily Post – Daily Prompt : Witness


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