Clay Travels

Gallery Walk [Iskandar Jalil : Kembara Tanah Liat – Clay Travels, National Gallery, SG]

Clay art is something that fascinates me since young. When I first go to know about the upcoming exhibition at the National Gallery is going to be on the theme : Clay; I got excited. My first clay project was when I was only the age of 6 years old, attending a weekend holiday class on clay making. I remember making a simple heart shape photo frame and doll it up with the saga seeds – from the Saga tree (Adenathera  pavonina).

Through the years I have had various chances to meddle with the clay and make different items. The most recent being a simple vase which I created during an art therapy class last year.

So when I first got to know about this exhibition, I was filled with joy… The reason part of it being none other than the love I had for clay works. And the art therapy class on clay which I attended last year. As this is a very unique showcase in my personal opinion.


The two gallery showcases 5 decades (since 1960s till today) of work by the artist and master potter. It a first exhibition to feature almost 200 pieces of his works from 1960s till today. Some are from private collectors, various government offices, Corporate Offices, museums in Singapore, National Gallery Singapore and also from the collector himself.

Most of the pieces on displayed in Gallery 1 are in hues of blue – which some call it the Iskandar Blue. You may wish to read more about it when you step into the two galleries. I shall choose not to divulge more information as usual :). Art is in the eyes of the beholder who visits it to experience.

So presenting some snippets of the exhibition showcase. Pictures are allowed, but no flash photography and do remember not to touch the items on display when you are visiting as they are fragile.

Gallery 1 – Showcases ideas and phases in his travel (Southeast Asia, Japan, New Zealand, Scanadavian and beyond), and his life that have shaped his practice.


Some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Gallery 2 – Brings us the idea of “Home”, as expressed in a contemporary commission by the artist Gerald Leow. The work is inspired by Iskandar’s deep interest in architecture and the utilitarian aspects of his ceramic pieces.

Venue: National Gallery Singapore, The Ngee Ann Kongsi Concourse Gallery and Concourse Gallery 2, 1 ST. ANDREW’S ROAD SINGA­PORE 178957

Exhibition period: Sep 1, 2016 to Feb 28, 2017 (Free Admission for everyone)

Exhibition page:

Extracts from Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travels), National Gallery Singapore.

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