In a Cup [Krispy Kreme, SG]

In a unconventional and unexpected trip to Krispy Kreme Singapore, I came across this promotion of SGD$6 deal. But this is only available at certain stores only.

The deal consist of any drink and any doughnut – it is simply a good steal for the price as these days it is not that easy to get food in the CBD at a decent price of below $6. Much for a cup of coffee and doughnut. A regular size cup of coffee or latte at any coffee chain will easily cost S$5 and above.

So as I was having a bit of hunger pangs post gym workout, I decided to visit this store instead of my regular Starbucks. The doughnut I chosen was the Kit-Kat Doughnut – it is nice with the creme filled inside while the outside was fluffy and not too sweet to my liking. For the doughnuts in Singapore, the ingredients are all flown in from USA, which explains the higher price if you compare to the Krispy Kreme sold in Malaysia.

Presently, there is also 9 stores in Singapore. The only downside is that they do not have much to offer for breakfast. And the coffee taste average to me, but better than what is offered by fast food chain in general.


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