Plant Experiment – Nov 2016

Decided to dedicate a post on my journey with plants. I have a few pots of plants lying around at my work desk in the office. And I thought it would be interesting to document their progress too. So for this month, I would like to share about this orchid plant which I had with me since August this year. It is now about three months now, one of the three orchid plants has already completed a bloom cycle back in August/September 2016.

As at the end of the bloom period, some of the leaves and flowers began to wither and dried up. Over time, I did not research and gradually understood that it is no easy feat to care for these airy plants. However, it in itself is an exciting journey. Thus, it was fascinating to be able to marvel at how they can be grown and watch them go through another cycle of blooming with time. As such, I have decided to have one entry every month on the progress of this lovely plant. Maybe with time, it will bloom again.


Bought some Spagmoss early October from the nursery but did not have a chance to work on it. So it took a while before finally on Nov 10, soaked the whole pack of 8L Spagmoss in the morning in water for it to soak up moisture content and went to IKEA to get the self-watering pot before the grand transfer begun.

Repotted the Orchids in new self-watering pot with wood chips and Spagmoss medium

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