Gallery Light to Night Festival @ National Gallery Singapore

In its first anniversary celebration that spans a week long, the National Gallery Singapore is hosting a suite of events to celebrate.

Here are some highlights from the opening night.


There are some ninja stalls lining the entrance as well as the indoor foyer that links the city hall and old supreme court wing. There are also table and benches that line the closed roads outdoors for patrons to have their dinner and snacks under the cool night sky. (It was drizzling for the early bit of the evening.

Up at the indoor terrace on the supreme court wing; there is the disco ball event going on at scheduled timing. Where you can take a dive into the disco balls. Gave it a miss as we had completed touring the event area and was heading for dinner.

The gallery is also having free admission for all visitors to the various galleries during the 6 days of activities happening through the two weekends from 25 – 27 Nov and 2 – 4 December 2016.

Gallery Light to Night.JPG
(Source: Nationa Gallery Singapore)

Event Hours:
Fri – Sat 10am – 3am,  Galleries close at 12 midnight.
Sun – Thur 10am – 7pm

Festive days: 25-27 Nov, 2-4 Dec 2016 (Galleries are free entry on these days)

Gallery Website:

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