Gluten-free: Gluten Intolerant meal – Singapore Airlines

I took a dive to try Gluten-free diet recently. And during one of my short trip overseas to Hong Kong via Singapore Airlines I made a special meal request for Gluten Free meal. For the trip from Singapore to Hong Kong I had forgotten to take picture of the meal serve on board hence there isn’t any picture to describe the meal.


As for the return leg (seen above), the meal served was looking good and tastier than the one on the flight to Hong Kong. It comes with gluten free bread, garden salad, soy pudding (which replaces the cake usually served) and fish with rice and vegetable.The type of food serve both ways varied slightly due to the central caterer used for the food preparation. One obvious contrast was the Gluten Free bread (seen above) vs the rice cracker served for the Singapore to HK flight. The main meal served for Singapore to Hk was fish in tomato sauce with carrot and raddish. While the return flight was fish with rice and vegetables. As for dessert it was mango pudding vs soy pudding.

Overall, it was a very interesting meal I had on-board Singapore Airlines during Hong Kong. The special meal request menu is available on board most full service carriers. Also, the perks of ordering special diet is that it does not come at an extra cost and will usually be the first few to be served. The only disadvantage I could perceive is that the meals are fixed, so you do not get to choose between two food offerings which the main bulk of the passengers on board will get to choose from.



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