Artist and Empire: (EN)Countering Colonial Legacies @ National Gallery Singapore

This exhibition explores the art from the Britsh empire over the 400 years and impact on the rise of modern art in former colonies like Singapore.

A different version of the exhibition was presented at Tate Britain in November titled Artist and Empire : Facing Britain’s Imperial Past, which examines art made in response to the Empire base on British collections.

For the exhibition by the National Gallery Singapore , it showcases a broader scope of art collection from historical works to contemporary works in the region. Which it helps to invite visitors to consider arts of the British Empire from an alternative point of view – from the former colonies and artists today. The relationship between the imperial masters and the colonies. In the artistic aspect of it as it relates back the era where British Empire was expanding and seeking new territories to conquer and rule and its perspective from Modern Day Singapore. The artworks on display span three galleries and showcases the various themes of the Colonial era

The exhibition is divided into 2 segments – Countering the Empire and Encountering Artistic Legacies. The exhibition explores artwork produced by the British artists and also from Local artist on the various aspects of changes from Colonisation to Nationhood.

Here are some snippets of the different themes in the two segments of the exhibition.

Countering The Empire

Encountering Artistic Legacies


Venue: National Gallery Singapore, Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery, 1 ST. ANDREW’S ROAD SINGA­PORE 178957

Exhibition period: Oct 6, 2016, to Mar 26, 2017 (visit to this exhibition requires entrance fee)

Exhibition page:

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