It took me a while to decide if I should start writing again 7 months back. And it was through a meditation session I had months before that I had decide to embark on this self discovery journey. Through blogging about the various aspect of live through my own lenses.

Now 7 months have just passed and 100 odd articles posted. Just like the image quote ‘Do small things with GREAT LOVE’. I had a few small talks with various friends I met the past few weeks and somehow the conversation lead to the topic on Meditation.

Sometimes we wonder how do we begin a meditation session. While at other times, we think about where do we begin. So comes the next question, are we ready to begin this journey into our inner self and how do we go about loving ourselves?

These are questions upon questions  where there is more questions than answers. Many times we seek answers to questions only to find more of them unanswered. What if through meditation you can gain some inner peace and realisation that we might have over think situations which they may just resolve on their own? That could happen too. What about the times where u feel stress out you wish that you could take a stroll in the park, just to release and relax away your worries. But you are stuck and unable to get out? Well, a simple meditation might do the trick.

So comes the next question, how do I begin? It really simple and easy. You don’t need any tools to begin meditation. However, it will be useful to understand how meditation works before you begin.

So how do we begin meditation? It can be done anytime anywhere, on a yoga mat, on the bed and even on a dotted chair.

Find a comfortable place, for beginner I would suggest to do it in the comfort of your own home or join meditation groups.

If you are doing it at home – begin by closing your eyes and count your breathe. That’s the most fundamental. Do not let your mind wonder when you first begin. As that’s where u start to focus while u continue to breathe normally counting your breathe. Next, visualise that you are facing a pool of water. In the pool of water you see the droplets falling down one drop at a time – that is what I term the ‘Still water meditation’. Focus on it as long as you wish to,  do that or a minimum of 5-30minutes and whenever I have time to, preferably on a daily basis. Do it first time in the morning or before bedtime.

If you feel your concentration runs away, either stop the meditation or try to focus back. If you do not think you are able to continue further it is time to stop. There may be periods during your journey that you will stop doing this exercise altogether for a few months – it is normal. Start and stop whenever you feel comfortable to. Our body adjusts itself as we progress and grow. But if there is some uneasy feeling deep inside you, it is best to have someone to talk to to resolve any issues you face during your meditation. It could mean blockages within or unresolve issues or emotions.


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