Gluten-free : Bread

Started on this journey of trying out Gluten Free foods recently. I felt good removing some gluten from my daily food intake. However, there is still room for more adjustments.

I recall a few months back I had this conversation with a friend about the availability of Gluten Free foods around Singapore. Initially, it seemed like a challenge to find reasonably priced food items. A trip to Mustafa (a big hypermarket style shopping area near Little India), somehow brought about many interesting finds. Apart from Mustafa, Cold Storage also sells Gluten Free foods and interestingly SwissBake has got Gluten Free bread too. They can be found at most Cold Storage supermarkets.

Ever since my first slice of Gluten Free bread on board Singapore Airlines, the taste somehow just lingers at the back of my mind whenever I look at bread. It just tasted so differently. When I first bought back the SwissBake loaf of Gluten Free bread I had this hesitant feeling as to how long it will take me to finish the loaf. It is not a huge portion and has got a very short expiry date. I think due to the nature of the product that it uses naturally sourced ingredients, it does not last very long as compared to bread made on the mass market.

I would keep the bread in the fridge and slice out the required amount every morning and toast them for breakfast. There is two different Gluten Free bread being sold – Original Gluten Free loaf (S$6.90) & Multi-Seed Gluten Free Loaf ($8.90). The Multi-Seed Gluten Free Load is in a round shape with various edible seeds like pumpkin seed and sunflower seed decorating the top of the bread. The texture of the bread is soft and easy to chew on and can be eaten as it is without the need to be toasted if stored in a cool dry place.


My Gluten Free journey – GlutenFree


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