The Changing Face of Fast Food

Over the years, it is noticeable that the FastFood chains has been reinventing themselves.

It is evidently so when we step into the fast food joints whenever they launch a new item or series of Nee food items on the menu. Or to a certain extend, certain promotions like the Monopoly challenge that is sweeping at the moment through the shores.

It brings about renewed interest to try new food at maybe affordable or sometimes not so affordable prices. When a simple fast food could usually cost $5-$6, however these special menu can go up to the $10 of dollars.

What’s more interesting is the choice of ingredients used for the signature chicken burger I tried is the cheddar cheese and wild rocket. It definitely tasted well, not the usual type of burger. But for the price paid, it feels a little overpriced and would have been comfortable to fall back on the McSpicy meal perhaps.

There has been news of privatisation of certain fast food chains as well since they would usually operate on franchises concept. It may seem like another wave of innovation is coming through. Perhaps in due course we will know if the next wave of innovation will bring about cheaper and tasty fast food or added costs.


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