Review – Kanshouku Ramen, Metropolis SG

Was on my way to the gym on a Tuesday evening that I chance upon this ramen place – Kanshoku, at Metropolis. It is situated in a quiet spot, just opposite the CDP customer service centre at Metropolis.

Kanshoku means ‘to finish eating every last bit of your food’ in Japanese. The interior is simplistic and dining space has a spacious set-up. When walking past the shop from the outside, one can actually witness how the ramen is being made in house. That is the attraction factor that drew me into the shop.

When I stepped in for Dinner on Wednesday evening, the restaurant was not very crowded. It was barely filled with a couple of diners. Like some of the Japanese chains around Singapore that embrace technology in ordering, the same appears so for Kanshouku – using iPad to do food order. So we ordered the set dinner – Garlic Tonkotsu Set ($18.90) & Spicy Ramen Set (S$18.90). Each set comes with the option of side dishes (Chicken Gyoza, Pumpkin & Corn Korokke, Chicken Karage, Breaded Ebi) and a hot/iced green tea. There are also other add-on items on the menu like Ajitama (Egg), Charshu, Corn, Black Fungus, Noodles with Broth or No Sping Onion.


Garlic Tonkotsu 



Spicy Ramen


The soup base for were tasty, and did not leave behind any thirsty feeling. While the ramen noodles were medium cooked, it was pretty springy too. The Charshu was worth a mention too – they were thick and juicy, without the smell of pork. My fellow diner has a distaste for food with excessive pork, however, this dinner sat well with her as she commented the soup base for spicy ramen was tasty and mildly spicy without a hint of pork taste.

The sides we ordered were pretty interesting too. The Chicken Gyoza was nicely fried, while the Pumpkin & Corn Korokke tasted heavenly. It was one of the better Korokke I had tried – thumbs up! Every bit of it chewed reveals the sweetness of the corn and pumpkin combination. There was no need to pair it with the mayonnaise, however, if you like it with mayonnaise for the extra flavour it is a good to have sauce dipped in.

It is a good place to visit on weekdays evening as it is cosy and pleasant with not a huge crowd.


Location: 9 North Buona Vista Drive, The Metropolis #01-18, Singapore 138588

Hours: 11.00AM – 9:00PM (Monday – Friday), CLOSED (Sat, Sun & PH)



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