In a Cup: Starbucks Reserve – Christmas 2016

It’s the festive season and earlier this month, Starbucks Singapore introduced the Christmas 2016 Reserve blend coffee.

As a tradition every year, there will be Christmas drinks and coffee beans. For 2016, it was more unique with the introduction of the Christmas Reserve coffee blend. This blend was concocted in the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle-a blend of Hacienda Alsacia (grown in Starbucks farm in Costa Rica, with hand-selected aged Sumatra beans (3-5 years). The coffee profile is that of warm woody aroma with mulled spices and orange zest. The food pairing that came with the Reserve coffee is bread pudding.

I happen to visit the new Reserve Store at Marina Bay Sands which opened two months ago; and took a video of the Syphon brewing method. Which was also a new coffee brewing available in Singapore. The brewing method brought out the bold flavours of the coffee in a cup and it gives off a very clean taste profile.

Measured water (80-degree celsius) is being poured into the boiling apparatus.

The Barista prepares the syphon brewing method – Water and Apparatus set up along with the coffee beans for brewing the coffee later on.

The second video captures the entire brewing process once the water has boiled to 100-degree Celsius and is ready for the coffee beans to be pour in for boiling with the vacuum design of the apparatus to soak up the water before it gets released back again into the apparatus with the brewed coffee. The entire brewing cycle does not go beyond 90 seconds from the boiling point of the water.

Coffee Brewing method: Syphon

Note: Video was filmed at Marina Bay Sands Singapore – Starbucks Reserve Store. At the time of writing, only the Tampines Hub and Marina Bay Sands offers this brewing method.

For other coffee-related beverages, click on #coffee.


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