Wu Guanzhong : A Walk Through Nature @ National Gallery Singapore

Currently showcased in the Wu Guanzhong Gallery inside the National Gallery is the interim showcase of 16 landscape works from Wu Guan Zhong’s donation to the National Gallery which dates from 1960s to 2000s.

The Wu Guanzhong gallery is dedicated to showcasing ink aesthetics within the broader Asian and international context as well as to present his artworks which have been donated to the national gallery.

In the current showcase, we get to look at the various landscape works using ink combined with western style oil painting to depict the artforms of nature.


Artwork: Rice Paddies (II) – 1973 (Left) & (Right) Settlement on the Grassland – 1998


Meanwhile, there will be a new installation coming into the gallery come March 2017 titled Rediscovering Treasures : Ink Art from the Xiu Hai Lou collection.img_0902

Venue: National Gallery Singapore, Level 4 – Wu Guanzhong Gallery, 1 ST. ANDREW’S ROAD SINGA­PORE 178957

Exhibition period: Dec 14, 2016 – Dec 3, 2017

Exhibition page: https://www.nationalgallery.sg/artworks/artwork-detail/2008-06902/pines-upon-the-yulong-mountains (one of the works on display for this theme exhibit)

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Edit: End date of exhibition updated.


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