Renaissance JB, Malaysia

Reflections 2016

The year 2016 has come and gone. It is time again to think back the achievements for the year? Maybe, take it a step further to think about why I began this journey, on this web space.

It started with a stay-cation that begun this concept of a lifestyle blog. But over the course of the 3 quarters of 2016, it has evolved and reshaped many times over. As much as I spend some time to ponder over the various reasons I had wanted to create this blog, it always leaves me with new questions to why I took this journey.

A web space that brings out my personal purpose in life of what I aspire to achieve was perhaps the real motivation behind why I began this blog. As the name H Diary SG suggests, this blog is the essence of my life in the background of many little adventures  Iw wish to embark upon to bring out what life means to me.

As such, 2017 will see the blog transform- in terms of content presentation and focus. 2016 was indeed a year I search for my identity and one for H Diary. The initial working name was Simply Inspire Space which later transformed to become H Diary SG. It has open up the area for me to look at the various aspects of how I wish to grow the blog.

Over the past few days, I spend little bits of time thinking through and came up with a few aspects which I see my passion in growing it deeper. From the aspect of personally sharing adventures taken to explore black coffee, travel ideas and arts.

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