JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Singapore South Beach (Deluxe Room)

Take a stroll along the road that lines the perimeter facing the iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore and you will have notice the tall giant stand sandwiched between Raffles Hotel and Suntec City Singapore. That is where the new South Beach Development is located – it contains a series of four conservation buildings – the former Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club building and part of the former Beach Road Camp.

While the new JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach sits within the vicinity of the historical site where the Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club building is located. The South Tower is a mixed use building for both hotel and residential.

The hotel occupies a total of 6 buildings in the South Beach development – 3 hotel blocks – South Tower (Level 1 – 21), East Tower & an Annexe building; along with 3 out of 4 conserved heritage buildings – Assembly, Grand Ballroom & NCO Club.The interior of the guest rooms is designed by world renown french designer – Philippe Stark, while the theme of the hotel invokes one that draws us back into our childhood. While there are many interesting designs and features of this hotel, I shall leave them to the pictures and video to illustrate the fascinating world within the series of buildings.

The interior of the guest rooms is designed by word renown designer – Philippe Starck, while the theme of the hotel invokes one that draws us back into our childhood. There are also many interesting designs and features of this hotel, I shall leave them to the pictures and video to illustrate the fascinating world within the series of buildings.

Ground floor Hotel Entrance (Level 1) – South Tower

As you step in through the main door of the hotel, you are welcomed by the bookshelves and a digital wall. There are also many places within the lobby which are great places for photo worthy selfie or we-fie for Instagram posts.

Pool & Gym facilities (Level 18) – South Tower

The sky garden on Level 18 gives a good 360-degree view of the hotels surrounding. From the pool deck, you could see some of the iconic buildings like Marina Bay Sands, Swisshotel Stamford, Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Reservoir, the Padang. Just to name a few places. The day view and the night view of difference as well. The swimming pool is sheltered from the rain – so you can swim in it whether it is rain or shine.

If swimming is not your hobby, there is the gym and other places where you could hang out and enjoy the view of the city or have some tea with friends while staying in the hotel.

Deluxe Room (with view of Beach Road) – South Tower

Deluxe Guest Room (With view of service garden facing Beach Road)
Deluxe Room – Bathroom

The Deluxe Room is a smart use of available technology and space. There are 7 USB Ports available inside the room, so gone are the days where you need to bring extra travel plugs to plug-in your electronic devices to juice up. Meanwhile, the room is brightly lit by LED lights as well as smart control panels that control the main switches, curtain and blinds. The bathroom has a sensor operated toilet and the toilet seat gives up warmth when used. There is also an integrated wall panel near the door entrance where the housekeeping could deliver the requested items by placing them into the external drop box – a well-thought design. However, do not never to leave any valuables in the room; use the safe if you have to leave things in the room.

Guest Lift – South Tower

A note-worthy spot to look out for is the guest lifts. As you enter the lift, you are brought into the deep-sea to experience its transformation. With a combination of light and music, you see the magnificent underwater creatures show up through the various coloured wallpaper surrounding the lift perimeter. The Mystery Sea interior in the guests’ lifts is designed by Carnovsky (From Milan-based art and design duo, Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla).

Executive Lounge (Level 2) – Annexe Building

The executive lounge is accessible via the link bridge on the second floor to the next building where the Bread Street Kitchen Restaurant is located on the ground floor. The executive lounge, like any other Marriott properties, serves breakfast, tea, evening cocktail and canapes. Guests are entitled to visit the executive lounge, if you are a Marriott Rewards Gold or Platinum member, or if you have booked a room which comes with executive lounge access. Guests are required to visit the lounge in covered shoes. The executive lounge has a noodle bar and salad bar where you can build your own noodle and salad, as well as serves pastry during the evening hours. During breakfast, it has a reasonable spread available if you like to avoid the crowd at the ground floor restaurant, while other hours the lounge is open for coffee and tea.

Beach Road Kitchen (Ground Floor) – Annexe Building

Located inside the annexe building, this kitchen houses an open concept kitchen which is visible to the public and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It serves both buffet selection as well as a la carte fare.

It has both indoors and outdoors sitting available, and a total of 7 areas where a variety of food is available from Local Fare to Western and Asian selections.

Some of the hotel amenities and rooms are yet to open as they are still undergoing renovations and fine tuning, though the soft launch was on 15 December 2016. There is a total of 2 swimming pools – Level 18 (open to all guests) and at Level 6 East Tower (which is not yet open).

JW Spa (Level 2) – East Tower

The JW Spa located in the  East Tower will be open in Q2 2017 and will occupy the whole of level 2, while the higher floors will house the yet to be opened guests rooms and another second swimming pool & deck.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay, though I think the hotel is still fine tuning their processes.

JW Marriott Singapore South Beach
30 Beach Rd, Singapore 189763

Public Transport:
Esplanade – Circle Line
City Hall – North South Line & East West Line

Website | TripAdvisor

Background information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Beach,_Singapore

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