All Things New (Outdoor series) – Esplanade, SG

A few evenings ago, I took a stroll by the Esplanade and saw an outdoor performance as part of the All Things New 2017 series by Esplanade Singapore. There was the performance by a college band – Coldcut Quartet.

According to what I read about the band off esplanade’s event website, they began as a college band in 2012. The quartet consists of 4 members playing different musical instruments. The band has evolved since their formation, and the band plays music incorporating elements of jazz, classical, rock and metal. If infuses a unique brand of fusion that is progressive yet musical. Their performance was pretty good and did not sound too hard metal when I happen to catch snippets of the performance.

It is one of a series of free outdoor events organised by Esplanade to promote music to the masses. As the event theme slogan – Celebrate new music and welcome new faces as Singapore artists embark on brand new chapters of their musical journeys. It sure does provide our local talent with a space to engage and expose themselves to a greater audience.

There is still 2 more weeks to go before January comes to an end, and there is daily line-up of public performances too. Do check the Esplanade website link below of the remaining program line up.

Esplanade website | Write up on Coldcut Quartet

Event Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981

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