Nespresso Coffee Capsule Recycling

While we enjoy the various variety of freshly brewed coffee from coffee cups at home or outside, we might also want to do our part to ensure that down stream these waste are put to better use elsewhere.

What happens to these newly generated waste from our freshly made coffee at home? Well, the answer is obvious, it either goes into the landfill or we could choose to send them back to Nespresso for recycling.  Coffee capsule waste is a double-edged sword – it is made of organic and non-organic waste; coffee grounds and aluminium foil. So coffee grounds need to be removed in order for the aluminium to be recycled. So it becomes a tedious process when it is mixed inside normal waste. But, if separated, it will be useful and could be easily recycled.

Over the years, I have come across various recycling initiatives from coffee joints and coffee places. Some will offer the coffee waste as garden composts which customers could pick up a bag and bring home to use as fertilisers for their outdoor plants. Other times, we might ourselves brew coffee from a french press or coffee machine and use those left over as compost. I thought it will be noteworthy to mention some of the practices which I had notice.

The focus of this article is to share about what goes on behind the recent Positive Cup initiative by Nespresso Singapore which I find it a step forward towards reducing waste. The recycle bags are obtainable via the Nespresso Boutique as well as from the Nespresso Online ordering. Where you can use the bags to store the used Nespresso coffee capsules and either return them to the Boutique on your next visit or pass it to the delivery man when you next order your coffee capsules.

“All components of the Nespresso capsules are recyclable from the aluminium to the coffee grounds. Aluminium is simply re-melted and this process requires very little energy. There is no loss of weight or quality and can be repeated infinitely. In Singapore, the used coffee grounds are composted and used as fertiliser in a local organic farm.” -Nespresso Singapore.

Nespresso Positive Cup
Nespresso Recycling Bag

Where to obtain recycle bags? Nespresso Boutique or Online
Capacity of recycling bag: holds up to 100 capsules (Estimated)

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  1. Please don’t encourage people to buy these Nespresso coffee capsules. If you want to encourage sustainability please encourage people to not use these products in the first place that are horribly wasteful in the first place with capsules that are not recycled but downcycled. Nestle is simply greenwashing.


    1. I Guess it goes down to responsible recycling as well. There are not just Nestle doing capsules. There is K Cups as well as Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves systems in the market. Just personal opinions of what I see so far. But you do have a point when recycling is performed correctly.


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