Movie ticket Promos in Singapore

HSBC has recently launched a New Gold Class Movie Card. Presently some promotions are running at various cinema chains in Singapore. However, over the years the movie ticket pricing as been scaling up and thus the incoming of the so-called Movie Cards to help movie fans save some cash when they hit the movies.

Here my personal take on the DBS GV iCard and the HSBC Movie cards series. There are also other bank promotions running which I will share about here. But those require you to own a particular Telco service or certain credit/debit cards. Which, if you are not someone who loves plastic cards they are a No GO option.

So here is the comparison at present for movie pricing at GV.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 23.25.32.png(Source: GV)

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-23-33-55(Source: GV)

When comparing putting both the DBS GV iCard and the HSBC Movie prepaid cards next to each other. The conclusion comes up relatively nicely – each has its own perks and pitfalls.

For 2D movie, the HSBC Movie Card is the clear winner as Mon to Thur movie tickets can be purchased at $7.00 while Fri to Sun & Public Holidays* it is at $8.50.

For Gold Class movies, on weekdays the DBS GV iCard is a better choice at $26.00 per ticket as compared to $34.50 with the HSBC Gold Class Movie card vs $29.00 for a Standard Gold Class ticket.

While from Thur to Sun & and Public Holidays* at $34.50 vs $36.00 (DBS GV iCard) vs  $39.00 for a standard Gold Class Movie ticket. An added perks of owning having HSBC Gold Class Movie card is that you are entitled to 10% off food and beverage items at Gold Class®.

While Cathay runs a promotion for MasterCard and SingTel subscribers and Shaw Cineplex has a promotion for OCBC, China Union Pay, M1 customers and Safra card.

The other not so major movie chain like Filmgarde and WE cinema presently does not have any cards, banks or telco tie-up promotions.

*Note: Certain Public Holidays are excluded from special pricing tickets from Movie Cards.

More info on the DBS GV iCard and HSBC Movie card please refer to Golden Village Cineplex website.


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