Plant experiment – Jan 2017

With the end of the orchid bloom cycle. The orchid petals have all dried and withered. The long stems were trimmed to about 1 inch. The plant has so far completed it bloom cycle and the flowers were pretty much able to stay on for a month before completely drying out. I Guess it might have got to do with the new potting mix of Orchiata. In comparison to spagmoss, maybe it had worked better for miniature orchid.

I’m contemplating to replace the current pot with herbs like mint or basil of the orchid does not survive post blooming. Shall see as there are new shoots coming out from the flowering orchid while the leftover from the first orchid pot I had is still growing new root like structures.

As for the watering cycle, the plants get some irrigation fortnightly. Which isn’t very frequent as I felt the previous time the weekly watering might have cause rotting roots due to the nature of spagmoss tends to absorb moisture and making the potting medium wet.


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