Drip of Dividends – 01/2017

2017 is the year where I wanted to blog about an uncharted area. Had some friends over the years ask me about my saving habits. I had initially thought of setting up a different blog to explore about finance product. However, after several deliberations and contemplations. It was decided it will still be on the main blog.

I am not someone who saves up a lot. If I ever did, it goes down into things I would buy. So the habit of saving up did not really take off until two years ago. When everything around me changed.

To cut the story short, life is like a book of changes. When we move from one stage to another stage in life. We learn new things. The past decade of my life was one Long lost and forgotten. To the eyes of many, it seems like it was a lavish way of living. To myself, I was finding where I wish to be. The ups and down, the rise and fall etc teaches us many valuable lessons. It is just like the stock market.

My first financial education came in the form of Rich Dad Poor Dad book. That was back in 2005 . Back then, as I was still studying, I read the books written by Robert Kiyosaki as if I was just doing some routine reading. I loan the books from my school library. The only book which I bought and kept was the one by Mike Maloney (Rich Dad Advisors series) – Gold and Silver investing. Till today I am still fascinated by this commodity.

And while another book which I picked by was by Tony Robins titled Money – Master the Game; a book about wealth accumulation. It makes practical sense to understand and at the same time take steps to apply them in real life.

While most people are fearful to even take charge of their life to explore or take risks. Nothing is free in this world. Everything has to be earned – be it by monetary or non monetary means.

At the end of the day, we may leave the world with nothing but knowledge. As the saying goes knowledge is power. You don’t need a lot of money, but you need the skill to earn a living.

I will share a snap shot of my investment holdings just like what I did for my plant experiment post – a view of my portfolio. As much as I like to, it will automate monthly and comments and suggestions are welcomed on how to make it better and resilient to economic challenges.

2017 poses to be a challenging year at the year behinds to open itself up. There are challenges abound and things are just unfolding itself over time. Whether it is good times or bad times. New theories will emerge on how best to invest in this or that. The only thing I feel worth noting is making the correct choices and do your own homework.

At the moment I am only invested in the SGX with some counters in REITs as I find them rather interesting and since travel seems to be every growing with budget carriers abound there is still ample of growth in diversified REITs. So presenting below the 7 REITs which I bought into for Singapore Market.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 23.37.52.png

Looking across the border, about 1 year ago I bought into some REITs on the Bursa Malaysia exchange. While the RM has been depreciating at about 1.6% YOY (from SGD$1 = RM3.04 @ 1/1/2016 to SGD$1 = RM3.09 @ 1/1/2017), the returns on some of the Malaysia REITs has been rather interesting also.


Note: The stock tracker templated has been adapted from Investment Moats. You may get yours from their website. It allows for semi-automated tracking of stock holdings – as the prices will be updated as you key in the colums in yellow.

The information published on this article is for sharing purpose only and does not constitute any form of financial advice, please refer to your broker or financial planner for advice.

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