Valentine’s 2017

It’s time of the year once more – Valentine’s Day.

While most of us, may or may not remember the true meaning on this day. Perhaps, for most people, it is just another day, while for others it could mean a whole lot more special. It is a day where most people will come together with their love ones to commemorate this special day. For others, it could also mean a business opportunity to earn money selling flowers and gifts to men or women, boys or girls who might see this special occasion to express their love or gratitude.

As for myself, the past 5 years has been the same each year. Perhaps, with the exception of 2016 where I was briefly seeing someone for a short period. But most of the past valentine’s has been pretty nothing much short of surprises. As much as we might we want to be loved, we may want to love ourselves more. As the saying goes, if you wish to attract love, you must first learn to love yourself. Treat others like how you wish them to treat you. There is so much kind words and expression of love, joy and peace within these sentences. But yet, not many people are aware of its true meaning.

I recall a year ago, shortly after valentines day. I came up with the idea of setting up a blog once more. Breaking away from the two hiatus I had from years earlier. It is almost a year since the blog has been up and with 2 rounds of name changes before finalising with H Diary SG. Time goes by quickly, much has been explored and experienced. With more of what life has to offer recorded into this virtual space to be shared.

I wish all lovers and non-believers of love, a blissful day! For myself, Valentine’s day is like no other day. But a day to celebrate life and friendships. If I do get to date someone in the near future, perhaps, this day will be like another other – the only difference will be to give back to society in a suitable manner with the future partner.


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