Overnight Oats

Food for thought – Overnight Oats with yoghurt

Has been quite a while since I posted anything related to food. Here comes one from a recent experiment. It is a simple to make and fuss free breakfast concoction.

I saw Gluten Free Oats recently at a supermarket – however, it seems a little too pricey. But it can be done if you truly need gluten free food and don;t wish to miss out the goodness of rolled oats.

The one which I had prepared is not with Gluten Free Oats, but it is with Organic Rolled Baby Oats. The only reason why the labels hardly state Oats to be Gluten Free is due to the way they are being processed in the food production facility. As the oats go through the same machines used by other grains which contain gluten.

So all you need is a jug big enough to contain the amount of rolled oats you need for breakfast. So below is the list of ingredients I used to prepare my Overnight Oats.

1 glass jar
6 tablespoons of Rolled Baby Oats
3 tablespoons of Plain Yoghurt
Fill the jar with Rice Milk till it fully covers the yoghurt and rolled oats

Fridge the above mix in the refrigerator overnight or for a minimum of 2 hours before consumption. You may heat it up the next morning if you prefer something warm. But do note that since I have added yoghurt, the live cultures will be cooked.

You may wish to add in some dried cranberries and dried apricots to give it some natural sweetness. Also, fresh fruits may be added the next morning before consuming the food preparation.



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