Plant experiment – Feb 2017

February was yet another interesting month. Decided to downsize the Orchid pot with 3 different shoots of Orchid into a smaller square pot. I felt it was too big a pot for the current orchid. It might be a more wise option to compact them for healthier growth. So I bought a smaller self-watering pot from IKEA to do the transfer.

Meanwhile, the mint plants which have overgrown was harvested for replanting. I snipped them off from the original pot of 2 individual stems and cut each into about 4 stalks each. And placed all of them in the self-watering pot previously used to house the Orchid plant.

A friend of mine also gave me 2 fresh cuttings of the mint plant – which looks more like well-grown mints. So I planted them together with the smaller & more thinner mint plant which I have with me.


Photo of mint cutting & New Mint potting
Photo of mint cutting & New Mint potting


Will experiment with carnivorous plants next when I have some spare time.


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