Drip of Dividends – 02/2017

February has been an interesting month for me. Took some time off to attend the 8 part lesson organised by SIAS. The course is pretty affordable at S$80 – since it is 8 part series, each session is S$10.

The trainer shared some interesting tips on free online tools which some of us may or may not be aware of. For myself, my tracking has been done via the free template by InvestmentMoats.com. Moreover, there is yet another easier to track and useful online tracking tool by Financial Times. However, you can only access it via creating a free online account with FT. The free tool tracks all holdings available worldwide, including dividend payouts on a historical scale.

There was also some useful investment tool that was introduced was the Maybank KE Invest Academy link here.

Balanced up the holdings for SGD, HKD and USD in cash value and a breakdown of dividends collected this month from the various holdings. For February, I did a total exit from the trading floor. Some of the previously held REITs was sold as I decided to change my portfolio holdings and investing strategy. Also revisiting the Maybank KE Monthly Investment Program for lower brokerage fee and semi-automation of investment.

Summary of Dividends collected for February 2017

Starhill (SGX: P40U) – SGD 1.26
OUE H Trust (SGX : SK7) – SGD 1.36
CDL H Trust (SGX : J85) – SGD 5.55
Ascott REIT (SGX : A68U) – SGD 4.39

Fortune REIT (SGX : F25U) – HKD 48.90

Pavilion REIT (KLSE : 5212)- RM7.38



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