Jewellery for men

It seems like a very random posting about jewellery. While it is not meant to be that way. But I find a special affinity with metals. Since young, I have been fascinated with these precious metals.

While the point of this article was to shed some light on the basic values of Silver and Gold. While these are precious commodities which are not exactly in abundance. But they are of special value and sometimes good investments. Be it gold bars, coins or even silver coins. You never know when they come in hand in time of needs. Even history has shown how during currency crisis that Gold and Silver remains resilient.

So I happen to be shopping for a silver bracelet. I was deciding between getting a Pandora vs SouFeel and had finally I decided to get a Soufeel bracelet. One reason was the pricing another was the quality which I did a comparison of both.  There is even a YouTube video comparing them both from their charms to the bracelets. Personally, I have visited Pandora here in Singapore many times, but have never bought any of their charms nor their bracelet. I was always there browsing, as I felt the price point was very steep.

As for Soufeel, it was a random chance upon it online while I was looking for silver bracelet fo my gold charm that I decided to order it online. And the items which I ordered was delivered to me within a week.


My personal take:  I  don’t see any issue with men wearing jewellery as it can be a form of fashion accessory if carried well around us as long as it is not overly complicated like a Christmas tree, it should turn out well.


Soufeel –
Pandora –
SK Jewellery –

Disclaimer: This is my personal look into these two brands. I hold no responsibility and does not represent any of the two companies in this entry.


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