Caffee Bene - JB City Sq

Caffe Bene – JB City Square, MY

It was an interesting find over the weekend trip to Johor Bahru for a short stay at Holiday Villa JBCC during the weekend. While I would occasionally pass by this cafe at City Square – located at a convenient spot near the escalator but I have never stepped inside this cosy cafe. It was that once upon a time chance, that I decide to venture into this store – which I think has been around for quite some time now.

On first look, the menu looks pretty normal. However, upon checking out further I do notice they had some interesting cakes and plastic moulded foods on display.

What attracted me initially was the Garlic and Cheese Honey Bread. Maybe it was the thick and rich yellow colour display item. So I decided to give this interesting concoction toast a try.

Garlic & Cheese Honey Bread

This is not the usual toast box toast or some toast from a nearby coffee shop. No doubt it is thick and comes at a price of RM18.00 – considered to be a little steep for a thick toast. The taste was seemingly quite acquired. The toast was toasted lightly, and warm. Upon cutting it somehow, it reveals the inside to have interested cut corners to allow the butter garlic smell to infuse in. Otherwise, the toast tasted just normal to me – except the cheddar tasted not too salty and delicious.

Belgium Waffles 

There were a few variations of waffles available. The Waffles turn out to be so-so. However, it ingredients used to dress up the waffles both looks rich and yummy –  Blossom Waffle (Watermelon) and the Choco Nuts Waffle.

Coffee Cups

You may be dreaming while you’re asleep, but that dream might come true when you’re awake. – Caffe Bene “Wake Up!” Cup

An interesting draw factor was the cups – with the words WAKE UP! It seems to remind us that it’s midday perhaps and the day is far from over for the weekend. Time to wake up and carry on. And inner inscriptions was pretty interesting too. The latte tasted rich with the coffee aroma and warm milk. Not too bad for the price of RM11.10.

Overall, if you need a short layover, this could be a nice hangout spot as an alternative to the 3 Starbucks nearby JBCC area.

Location: City Square, Johor Bahru
Lot J3-13, Level 3 Johor Bahru City Square Shopping Mall
106 – 108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru

Public Transport
JB Sentral

Business hours: 10am to 10pm


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