A year on… H Diary

365 days ago on this day. I conceive the idea of a blog. To share my thoughts, expressions and my journey to experience things around me.

While it took me a while to figure out what my next adventure would be. I have to say it has been an exciting one thus far. From starting a blog from scratch again to deciding what content to put forth and observing data analytics on what writing is good and what is not is both a combination of intuitive and feedback. While most of the time, the articles are centred around food and museum, these are the two areas which I have more interest in. Apart from plants and finance related sharing, H Diary will explore other areas which are trending or bring about thought provoking ideas never before seen on this blogged.

As many would resonate a blog to be centred around either personal experience or world news or just trash talking. But looking beyond the facade of individuality and uniqueness in content creation, it is about the heart. A blog without a heart is as good as a news bulletin, while a blog with a heart is about not just sharing information, but about giving out a mixture of news, thoughts and perhaps ideas and suggestions. Sometimes even to the extent of a step further, a social area for viewers to share their comments. This is my ultimate goal for the blog – a social arena to not just share what may or may not be known, but further the outreach for ideas and feedbacks.

While it might still be conceived as a simple blog idea that grows by the day – it will take a few years to realise its purpose. Meanwhile, I would like to thank all readers and followers for taking the time to share with me this blogging journey once again.


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