Raffles City Singapore

A fresh look at Beauty and the Beast (2017)

While the movie before its global release has sparked some intense stir in parts of Asia over a very small but seemingly subtle subplot. It brings me to wonder what is coming out in the future Disney movies and other film productions when it comes to the exploration of LGBT themes.

Being a Disney fan myself, I do not see it much of an issue if the logic behind it is to teach people to love one another. Beyond that, it is about the basic of loving people and things around us. With love only then can we travel far and wide. While some countries may have chosen to review the movie and this delay its release, there will be other avenues where the box office sales will be compensated. Disney has over the years been one of the many powerhouses to remake and turn enchanted stories into real life sequences. As far as this movie goes, it would prove to be both a headline news as well as a bold step taken to take the pink message further for public acceptance vs. scrutiny. Whichever side one chooses, it is, after all, a movie about true love. Using love to break the Enchanted Curse.

Disclaimer: All views expressed within are my personal views of the movie and the news events that surround the film.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2771200/

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Movie Trailer


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