Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

FatCat Ice Cream Bar – Singapore

It was a lazy afternoon when I visited the cafe in the eastern part of Singapore. Located near Bedok Central, this small Ice Cream Bar is usually filled with customers on weekends. Spend some time post-lunch with a friend over dessert at this cafe.

The ice cream bar is located under the HDB block, across the street from the busy Bedok Town Centre. The set up of the cafe is very cosy and the selection of ice cream to go with the charcoal waffles is plentiful.

The charcoal waffles are crisp and tasted good with the choice of ice cream which was selected – Pistachio and Sea Salt Matcha. The salted egg sauce that came with waffle gave it a kind of interesting taste combination, but it did not create an excellent combination for the waffle due to the liquidity of the sauce – otherwise, all is good.

The Latte which I ordered tasted just right, as it was not too milky and has a nice latte art on it.


FatCat Ice Cream
Location: Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25, Singapore 460416
Website: http://fatcat.sg/ | Facebook | Instagram
Refer to website for opening hours and other details.

Public Transport:
Bedok – East West Line


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