Drip of Dividends – 03/2017

The month of March has been an interesting this far. For the first time, I receive AGM invites to both Malaysia and Singapore markets for some shares which I hold directly with the respective CDP. As previously, most of my equities are customised under the nominee’s accounts, so the prospectus does not get sent over. It is still the case for most of my holdings.

There are pros and cons about using owning the shares under nominees accounts vs. CDP. One of the more distinct reason is attendance at AGM. Otherwise, I think it makes not much of any differences unless I may be wrong about it. Some may view shares under custody as an advantage over self-managing. Others may see it different. As with custodian accounts, trading fees may be cheaper. However, sometimes there are unseen caveats of extra fees imposed on dividends and other unpublished fees. As for voting rights nominees need to apply through the banks to attend EGM/AGM as opposed to a more direct say to attending AGMs where you get to directly vote your say in the company that you are invested in. Though for some shares with various share classes, it is not the case.

For applications of rights issues and IPOs held under CDP, the application process for Singapore-listed shares will be the ATMs (Both IPOs and rights issue) or Internet banking (only for  IPOs) of the 3 local banks – DBS, UOB and OCBC.

For investments via nominees accounts, the rights issue is available via the brokerage firm if you have been notified about the rights issue. The alternative will be to subscribe to the news updates of the respective share counters which you are invested in.

Here is a Summary of the listings for the month of March 2017 and the Total Dividends collected in respective currency.

Holdings & Dividends for March 2017
– Costs of shares bought will not be listed as it is purely for the purpose of tracking dividends.

Equities Holdings Ticker Units Dividends (March 17) DRIP (March 17) Total (includes DRIP)
Amway Malaysia Holdings Bhd Bursa: 6351 100 RM15 100
Pavilion REIT Bursa: 5212 500 500
KIMLY SGX: 1D0 500 500
Healthway Medical SGX: 5NG 2500 2500
Starhill Global REIT SGX: P40U 400 400
United Overseas Bank Ltd SGX: U11 4 4
BetaShares Australian Dividend Harvester Fund ASX: HVST 22 22
Global X SuperDividend® REIT ETF NASDAQ: SRET 23 23
Standard Chartered PLC LSE: STAN 11 11
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets  LSE: VFEM 2 2

1 – Dividend ReInvestment Plan (DRIP)
2 – This article is solely for sharing of my personal tracking for what I invest in. Feel free to comment or use it as an example for personal research. It does not constitute any form recommendation.


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