Night Safari, Singapore

Night Safari Singapore

With the Couple of upcoming long weekend round the corner In the coming months this year. Why not take make a trip down to the Night Safari for a evening walk?

Located in Mandai – Central Catchment Area of Singapore, this is one of the only few Night Zoos around the world. The Night Safari first opened its doors on 26 May 1994. It is now into its 23 years of operations and has seen many transformations over the years too.

As of last year, they introduced the time entry into the night safari where visitors come in at specific times they booked their visit through the online ticket purchase – 7:15pm till 11:15pm being the last entry timing on 1-hour intervals.  There are a total of 4 walking trails as well as a tram ride that comes with the admission ticket to the Safari. There are also night shows at the Night Safari as well – do check the show times too.

Night Safari Singapore
Map of Night Safari Singapore

Here are some photos of the animals from the tram ride and walking trail.

Fishing Cat Trail
The entrance to this walking trail is located near the entrance of the Night Safari Main tram station.


Leopard Trail
You may access this walking trail from the East Lodge Tram stop or via the Fishing Cat Trail.

East Lodge Trail
You may access this walking trail from the East Lodge Tram stop or via the Wallaby Trail.

Wallaby Trail
This is a new trail that allows you to explore the inhabitants found in Australasia as well as a look at the Naracoorte Cave – first man-made cave in Singapore. It is accessible from the main tram stop near the entrance of the Night Safari.

East Lodge
This is the only pitstop for the Night Safari Tram, where you can get down to get some drinks or take a stroll along the Leopard Trail before hopping on the tram the continue the journey into the other side of the zoo which is not accessible by walking. Or continue to explore the other walking trails by foot.

Journey on Tram
As the tram ride also covers areas not walkable in the park, it is strongly recommended to complete the tram ride before walking on the trails from past visits to the Night Safari. The Asian Elephants and Greater Rhinoceros are some of the creatures which are visible only via the tram ride past the East Lodge station. Do note also that these are free-range exhibits, thus you can get real up close with the animals – yet also from a safe distance as the tram travels slowly.

Souvenirs and F&B retail
Some not to be missed items on sale at the Night Safari as well as food & beverages options available.

There is also some ongoing re-developments in the works in Mandai to cater for expansion and relocation of the Jurong Bird Park into Mandai as well as the addition of a new rainforest park come 2020. Do check them out here.

Night Safari, Singapore – Website | Facebook
Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Opening Hours: 7:15pm – 12 midnight

Public Transport / Ticketing: Please refer to Night Safari Website.



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