Into the Wild – An Immersive Virtual Adventure @ ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

In this augmented reality exhibition, you will get to experience spotting virtual animals while on your journey through 2 separate floors of the ArtScience Museum with the on-loan equipment which you can book via the Into the Wild booking portal before heading down to experience the adventure.


As you enter Basement 2 of the ArtScience Museum, you are welcomed by the sight of the poster above and the counter where you could pick up the Lenovo Device to begin your journey.


Basement 2

Upon receiving the device, the WWF staff will share with you how to use the device to begin your journey. Always remember, safety first when you roam the museum holding the handheld device in your hands.


As you walk around the perimeter of the Museum, you will encounter up to 5 animals in the wild alongside some tasks as a Ranger. And finally, upon receiving the seed and completing the tasks, proceed to the 4th floor of the museum. Do note that during the journey, you can take your time as there is no time limit to complete the quest.

Journey from Basement 2 to 4th Floor



4th Floor


At the 4th floor, you will get to plant the seed which you had found earlier into the virtual space.

Into the Wild culminates with a cinematic experience, directed by one of Singapore’s leading filmmakers, Brian Gothong Tan. Using state-of-the-art animation and projection mapping techniques, Tan has created a portal through which you pass from the virtual reality of the digital adventure, into an immersive, cinematic experience on a spectacular scale.

Tan’s thought-provoking film depicts the fragile habitat of the five animals featured in the virtual adventure – pangolins, tapirs, mousedeers, orangutans and tigers.  Inspired by the work of explorer and naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, and Mexican mural painter, Diego Rivera, Tan’s film eloquently and fluently animates the animals’ journey from creation, to destruction and rebirth.

Source: ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Into the Wild, WWF Singapore @ ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Into the Wild by Brian Gothong Tan


At the end of the journey, you can choose to make a small donation to plant trees or adopt a monthly contribution to WWF Singapore. Do note that the donations are voluntary and not tax deductible. When you plant a virtual tree within the museum and accompany it with a pledge to WWF, a tree will be planted in Rimbang Baling, in Indonesia (From SGD$38 for 1 tree) – one of the last pristine rainforests in Sumatra, and critical territory for endangered Sumatran tigers.

I took about 30 minutes to complete the quest and watch the short digital clip. This journey through the rainforest reminds me of the recent trip to the Night Safari while on the Night Safari Tram where it brings me into close proximity to the Malayan Tapir and a close look at the Pangolin in the enclosure when walking the Fishing Cat Trail at the Night Safari. You may wish to visit the Night Safari to check out these nocturnal animals when you next visit Singapore or looking for someplace to stroll in the evening. You can read about my trip review here.

There is also a mini gift store next to the museum shop selling WWF merchandise.



Exhibition Title: Into the Wild – An Immersive Virtual Adventure
Exhibition period: February 11, 2017, to February 15, 2018
Venue:  ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Public Transport:
Bayfront – Downtown Line & Circle Line

Admission info: Refer to ArtScience Museum  | For donations to WWF
Marina Bay Sands Social Media:  Facebook | Instagram
WWF Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Some important notes:
1. Please note that you need to pre-book the device, as there are only about 40 over devices for loan to experience the Augmented Reality exhibition. The entire journey will take between 20-40 minutes depending on your walking speed and experience.

This immersive experience is curated the following companies listed below.

Into the Wild, WWF Singapore @ ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Into the Wild, WWF Singapore @ ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

This article coincides with Earth Day & The Daily Post – Discovery Challenge: Earth.



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