Somerset Park Suanplu Bangkok

Investing in – Ascott REIT (SGX: A68U)

I had recently attended the Annual General Meeting by Ascott REIT. My first time attending an AGM.

The decision to invest in this REIT dates way back to my stay in Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok and Somerset Park Suanplu, during my visits to Bangkok, Thailand back in 2011-2012. The properties by Ascott are of a high standard the service rendered by the staff on duty are good as well.

Though it was my first time attending the AGM and EGM – both happened on the same day, it gave me more insight into how such meetings are conducted and personal learning experience from the way the presentations are done in the corporate sector. Being an investor brings you into a different level of awareness about the investments you are going into. At the same time, you gain deeper exposure into what you are investing in and look around at how Q&A are done by more seasoned investors of various age groups.

While it is good to know that the geographical exposure of the REITs in terms of income generation is very broad, it is also interesting to know how the REIT will perform going forward. Just looking at the Annual Reports alone sometimes is not sufficient as reports only tell you so much about the past. It is also evidence in the equities which I am invested in globally to illustrate the takeaway learning point apart from investing in ETFs. A list of my existing holdings can be found on the Drip of Dividends page.

Ascott REIT 2017Q1 Report
Diversification as seen by geographically for income generation. Source: Ascott REIT

A visit to the existing properties own by the REIT manager will give you better insight into how the property is performing from a guests point of view as well. That is the reasons whenever I do hotel stays, I make it a point to do some hotel reviews along the way. However, it does not mean I will disclose myself as an investor of the hotel or property as it is not a necessity and you don’t want preferential treatment just because you are a shareholder.

More about Ascott REIT.

Note: The author owns some holdings in Ascott REIT (SGX: A68U). Information presented in this article are for information only, and does not constitute any investment advice.

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