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Gratitude awareness

Some weeks ago, I have this little thought to myself. What does it mean to fill my surrounding with “Gratitude”?

With that simple thought, it became clear over the period of time what Gratitude meant to me. It goes beyond what was mentioned in the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

It goes beyond the “Law of Attraction” – while the says like attract like. However, we will also need to have the positive affirmation and input. Now, if it was a negative input then the end result would have been less than desirable as well. So that leads us to the main topic – Gratitude Awareness.

What is Gratitude?

If you were to do a google search on the word “Gratitude” you will see what is posted below. The meaning, definition, origin and usage over the years. From the graph, we could see that ancient times (maybe not exactly very long ago, 200 years history) of the word’s existence and how often it has been used. It is used as a way of saying Thank You to everything or anyone around you. In some religion, we term it as saying grace, or appreciation.


What is Awareness?

In the contrast to Gratitude, for Awareness; we see this word being more frequently used only towards the past 50 years. Though it might seem like of not much meaning, but it means to know or given knowledge of a situation or fact.


How did this Gratitude Awareness come to me and how we can put Gratitude Awareness into practice?

This idea of Gratitude Awareness came about while I was on my way to work on a Monday. When I was thinking back about a series of events that has happened. Receiving vouchers, gift cards, treats from various places and people I know over 7 occasions. It led me to begin thinking about what has invited such occurrences to happen in my life.

And then the Eureka moment, over tea I had with a friend and we were having this conversation about “Law Of Attraction” and there we gathered that perhaps, by being gracious and sharing what we know or receive, we are attracting more into our lives. That forms just one part of the “Law of attraction” – which is to have a “Gratitude” mindset and constantly reminding ourselves to be grateful and that is where the action of “Awareness” comes about.

What are your views?

Feel free to share your views on the comments.

Wish to see more benefits of Gratitude?

Can check out the link below from another blog:
The 31 benefits of Gratitude




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