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How to love yourself?

A couple of days ago, a friend texted me to ask for some advice related to issues he was facing. During the course of the entire conversation, we came to a realisation that maybe it was some communication blunders of his that his love interest might have interpreted a staycation differently from what his original intention was. And because of that, he had initially felt like the other person seems to be giving out a lukewarm response.

Sometimes, in reality, miscommunications does happen in our day to day living. Moreover, the lack of self-love and being overly focused on other events or having expectations does create doubt within us. However, the trigger point could have been probably the lack of self-love.

What is love?

So below comes the definition according to Google. Love can come in many forms and expressions – on living and non-living things and places. So that brings out the basic understanding of Love as a kind of like and affection.

Love meaninLove Meaning

What is self-love?

So when you add in the word Self + Love + Self-Love. Other than reading the definition below, I would think loving ourselves more means to treat our body with respect. And also people around us with the same level of kindness. As what goes around will come around.

By being truthful to ourselves, we will attract people of the same back to us effortlessly. However, it takes practice to make it near perfect as nothing in this world is perfect. Once you are able to love yourself, you will notice the world around begin to transform. Positive people may begin to surround you, while people of little to no value – negativity; will begin to move out of your social circle. That is how the universe works, and once again it goes beyond the Law of Attraction; it is the work of the Universal Law or Universal Conscious – more of that in future posts.


So how do we practice self-love?

If you ask me if I have any examples of how to be in self-love. Well, read on below to the other pages on the internet. These are some of what is available as information is free for all.

For myself, it would mean to begin my day in the positive. Every morning when I wake up, I would smile to myself – not facing the mirror. Just thinking positive thoughts or saying thanks the first think I wake up. This sets the pace towards a positive morning.

If the morning begins on a negative note, there are still ways to turn it positive. One way ahead will be to close your eyes – you can do this while sitting down. Think of the happy moments in your life, let that positivity radiate out from within. You might begin to feel better, but practice makes perfect. Nothing is instant like in the movie Aladdin.

Continued reading and feedback…

  1. Understand what is Gratitude Awareness
  2. Go on and read about the 30 ways to practice Self-Love.
  3. Share your experience in the comment box.

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